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ROI calculator:
assess the efficiency of your investment in an IT system

If you are planning to apply an IT system in your company and you would like to know how much it will cost, when and if the investment will bring a return have a look at our calculator. It will help you evaluate the cost of implementation, as well as work out the general saving on investing in IT systems.

To learn more about the ROI metric, ways to calculate it and its usefulness in coming to a decision on applying IT systems read the following article.

Calculate ROI for your IT project

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First, consider what kind of process you would like to smooth out in your company.

Please, make sure you know the following:

How much time would you like to save per person once the project has been implemented?
(1 day = 8 hours, 1 week = 5 days, 1 month = 4 weeks, 1 year = 48 weeks)
I am familiar with the project budget
Don't worry if the figures you have given are not accurate. You can always return to edit them later.