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"How much is THAT going to cost, actually?" This is one of the questions preceding commencement of every project, particularly in IT. If you want to receive an exhaustive answer to it, that is, one that is going to let you decide whether to invest in a given software solutions, you need to prepare yourself well.

Customisation has been present for years in trends of the largest worldwide brands: Coca-Cola bottles and Nutella jars with your name on it or Burberry scarf with customised embroidered pattern are only a few examples of activities that fit this global trend. Every customer wants to be special and to have something that is going to be unique, customised and specific to them. In answer to this need, more and more brick-and-mortar and online stores customise their offer and employ interactive product configurators. Why?

If you want to develop a product, but your startup does not have IT support or has insufficient one, look for a technological partner in a software house. You entrust to them an important - if not the most important - part of your business, so choose wisely from the start. What should you pay attention to when deciding to have your startup collaborate with a software house?


Paweł Elbanowski: After yesterday’s #Forbes 30 under 30 list celebration I had to sit down and think. Awards help appreciate what one has achieved, but how does it translate into future, how it affects tomorrow? I started writing down anything that came to my mind and I’d like to share it with you.

You have an idea for a web application, you can imagine how it is supposed to look and work and you "only" need to find a trustworthy partner to turn your vision into a functional tool. So, you verify the competences and experience of various software houses and once you have chosen your favourites, you ask them to provide a price estimate for your project. And here the things get tough.

An accurate piece of medical advice, the right choice of treatment and quick recuperation – this is what we expect from the doctor to whom we entrust care over our health. And even though sometimes making the right diagnosis requires an additional consultation with a specialist, which mean an extra visit, the patient can feel taken care of during this process. This is how it is soon going to look in many medical establishments in Greater Poland region, those that are going to implement an innovative platform for cooperation of physicians within the scope of patient treatment.

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