Programa | Dedykowane systemy IT dla firm
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How to asses the influence of an IT system on facilitating in-company processes? How to measure when and if an investment in advanced IT tools will yield a return? How to wisely consider implementing an IT system that will stay with the company for years to come?

It is easy – estimate ROI on each IT investment. You can find out all about calculating ROI below.

Efficient sales management in a dynamically growing company often requires support provided by an IT tool. Such tool has to contain all the sales documents and enable monitoring of their flow. It also has to provide accurate information on what happens with an order starting from its placement and ending with the moment the goods are delivered at the client's door. The solution that we started designing for the PAG Group is exactly like that.

The team of is creating a unique Beyond Experience application for Visitors of the Data Center 2 server room of 

The team at Programa™ has created an electronic customer service office called EBOK. 

Within the framework of our collaboration we created a mobile application that provides a list of inspection rounds to be carried out with a given facility.

Self image has become an increasingly important part of the qualities required to succeed if you manage marketing agency. Makes them more authentic. We understand their needs because we have been cooperating with markeing agencies for years. That is why we came up with great enthusiasm to create a website for the V&P advertising agency.

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