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The General Data Protection Regulation, more widely known as GDPR, comes into force on 25th of May this year. It is a great change from the point of view of businesspeople. How should the companies processing the personal data of their clients in IT systems prepare for it? What should you require of your IT partner within that scope? [interview with Maria Zagożdżon, CEO of Programa™].

Telemedicine, that is, a form of provision of medical services that does not involve any direct contact between the patient and the physician, is a topic that is discussed increasingly often in the general debate on contemporary health care. The implementation of IT technologies in the medical market provides an opportunity for improving not only the quality and efficiency of treatment, but also functioning of health care system and management of health care facilities. How do the telemedicine solutions work and who can benefit from their development?

A convenient selection from among the many original accessories and lifestyle products from the Audi collection and the possibility of collecting the purchases at any dealer's location – this is how shopping looks in the Audi online store that we have designed. It is an original, dedicated sales platform, the functions of which correspond to the specific shopping process that takes place in the online store of Audi. We have also automated some of the processes that were previously done manually.

Simple, intuitive car configuration and generation of a customised offer for the Client within a few moments – this is how the dealers of Volkswagen Passenger Car brand are now working thanks to the Offer Generator web application that we developed. The up-to-date and correct offer configuration is provided by advanced combinatorics and integration of the global group's key systems within the framework of the Offer Generator. How does this functional tool work and which processes does it improve?

To companies, the end of each year is the time for summaries, planning and rest after many months of work. In our case, the late 2017 and early 2018 were marked by preparations for changes. At the beginning of January we started working on the new company development strategy. It is going to be implemented by Maria Zagożdżon, who took the position of CEO of Programa™ .

Arranging one's own house or flat is to many people the fulfilment of dreams of a cosy space adjusted to individual needs. This process entails scanning through catalogues of interior equipment producers and numerous visits to salons. Here is where we can be supported by technology in the form of an interactive configuration tool, thanks to which, using the elements available, we can design a unique door, for example, and have a look at the visualisation of our idea prior to making a purchase. We are working on a similar solution for Multi-Form.

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