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"How much is THAT going to cost, actually?" This is one of the questions preceding commencement of every project, particularly in IT. If you want to receive an exhaustive answer to it, that is, one that is going to let you decide whether to invest in a given software solutions, you need to prepare yourself well.

The time of manual recording of museum collections is coming to an end. Soon the museums will be able to digitise their exhibits in a quick and simple manner, as well as to improve their recording and management procedures. All of this is going to become possible thanks to the innovative web platform integrated with a specialist hardware infrastructure, cloud computing and both desktop and mobile applications that we have started working on.

The work at a company is supposed to go quickly and smoothly and the processes should be optimised and automated. That is the fundamental purpose of implementing a company management system. A few years ago, MEDITERRANEUM, a tour operator company, made a decision to enhance their everyday work by means of a comprehensive web application and today they come back to us with an idea for its further development.

Can the office rental process be quicker, easier and more efficient, on part of both the lessor and the lessee? Is it possible to negotiate rental rates and other conditions online, at the same place we find the advertisement? Can there be anything exciting about this process? Yes, indeed. It is enough to carry it out in the mode of... a bid battle, where the lessor provides the interested lessee with counteroffers in terms of e.g. different rate or rental period and the lessee chooses the one they find the most advantageous. This is the tool that the team of Programa™ was recently working on. How did we design it?

It's time for a revolution in the functioning of the healthcare system in Central and Eastern Europe that is going to be shaped by digitization, new technologies and telemedicine solutions. If healthcare facilities want to be competitive and to provide the highest level of service, they should adopt as quickly as possible to the changing market and new needs of patients. How can telemedicine help with that?

Your company is growing and you are planning to make investments – also in software. There are many projects ahead of you that are going to require the support of professionals. Is it better to hire an internal developer for writing a new web application or to outsource it? Both solutions have their advantages and disadvantages – learn them and choose the best option for implementation of your software project.

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