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The concept of outsourcing began in the 70s in Great Britain, when automotive companies decided to buy German projects. Now the strategy of transferring employees or hiring external companies to get the job done is taking over the European IT market, as local developers are great hiring material. Why do companies decide to outsource? What is there to gain?

When should you decide to buy custom software? It’s something that will make your everyday work easier, but it’s pretty normal to have doubts before settling on this kind of decision. Luckily, there are tools that let you estimate the costs of an IT system and the risk of your investment.

According to the newest Hootsuite raport, 49% of the world population uses social media which makes 3.8 billion people. The average daily time spent online is 7 hours, including 2,5 hours in social media. How does it impact the wellbeing and daily functioning of people? 

Websites and mobile applications affect us in many ways. Using psychological mechanisms allows the designers to make an impression on the user or persuade them to take proper action. Both in marketing and user experience design, cognitive biases are often used. The halo effect is one of the most interesting phenomena. When it comes to digital design, aesthetic-usability effect seems to be its counterpart. How can you use it in favour of your digital product?


Your company is growing and you are planning to make investments – also in software. There are many projects ahead of you that are going to require the support of professionals. Is it better to hire an internal developer for writing a new web application or to outsource it? Both solutions have their advantages and disadvantages – learn them and choose the best option for implementation of your software project.

The moment when a painstakingly crafted application starts its public life is a major event. After months of work, the final product finally sees the daylight and is ready to perform its role. But... what comes next? One might think that it is the moment when the collaboration with a software house ends. But that would be very far from the truth.

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