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Rajsko Castle with a new website and an online reservation system

We travel more and more willingly - according to Eurostat data from 2015, travel expenses have increased by almost EUR 15,000,000 over the last 5 years. Companies from the tourism industry take advantage from this boom to attract new visitors. They invest in technology, upgrading their websites and implementing booking software, based on the services of and Airbnb. One of the spots that focus on dynamic development is Rajsko Castle.


Rajsko Castle website 

The story of the medieval Rajsko Castle is mysterious - it was torned down, plundered multiply times, fallen into oblivion and finally restored a few years ago. Rajsko Castle is now an exclusive property for rent.

Its owners wanted to encourage more guests to visit the castle tower, library, sunny terraces, jacuzzi, sauna and other unusual spots. We have organised joint workshops aimed at understanding the needs and defining the objectives of cooperation, which is a standard when preparing a company to implement a software solution.

On this basis, we have designed and implemented an intuitive, responsive website (RWD), describing all the qualities of a place. Thanks to it you have a live view from the castle tower as it is connected to the camera installed on a tower.

The Customer Alliance link, that collects a feedback from previous clients of Rajsko Castle, was also installed on a website. This allows potential clients to check out the reviews and helps them to make a decision whether to rent a spot.

You can see the website at:


Booking system - the most important functionalities

If you dream about spending a romantic weekend in Rajsko Castle, make a reservation using the intuitive, online booking system. We strove to create a simple, UX-designed tool that will be as easy to use as and Airbnb platforms are.


Rajsko Castle - online reservation system


The booking software has many advantages, including:

a) easy-to-use calendar

You have an easy-to-use calendar with information on both availability and rental costs.

b) full knowledge of the rental costs

The rental rate is scheduled for many months ahead, so you can plan your stay even one year in advance, knowing how much you will pay for it.

c) posting comments

Would you like to have an additional bed in your room? Or maybe you are on a special diet? Write about it in the comments - Rajsko Castle will adapt its offer to your specific needs.

d) reservation confirmation - mail or sms

You will receive a booking confirmation by e-mail or SMS. So you may be sure that everything will be ready for your arrival.


 -> Do you need a similar website and online reservation system? Write a short email to or call +48 577 196 681 - get to know us and let us know you!

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