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Your project is running and you don't have people to manage it. Hire an expert.

Sudden changes in staffing? A necessity to invest in new competences? Or maybe you just cannot afford to employ a new IT expert? We will gladly answer your needs. Our specialists collaborate with clients in the body leasing model, thanks to which you can lower the costs and implement almost any kind of project without having to invest in competences that are not of key importance to your business.

IT projects are often very dynamic implementations. Although it may seem that we have considered and planned everything, sometimes it may turn out that we almost immediately need the kind of employee in our project that our team does not include. What then? Here is where the notion of body leasing enters the stage.

The multitude of IT technologies, the scope of required competences that changes during the project, or random events - those are only some of the situation that may threaten timely implementation of an IT project. A company is not always able to employ an additional person or invest in niche competences. And body leasing is the simplest and most efficient solution to that.


What is body leasing?

Body leasing (also known as employee leasing) is an increasingly popular trend in the implementation of IT projects. It is used not only by start-ups and software houses but also by international corporations. With a great degree of simplification, it can be said that the notion of body leasing refers to IT specialists that a company may hire for the duration of a given project, without having to employ them within the structure of its own organisation.

The leasing company delegates its employee (or often even a whole team of specialists in a given technology) who works within the client’s structure as a fully-fledged team member, supporting the implementation of the whole project thanks to their skills and professional profile. The latter is specified in detail by the client who chooses body leasing, or its details are worked out in collaboration with an experienced project manager. Thanks to clearly defined criteria we can be sure that we hire a specialist who is going to answer our needs in full.

Who is the employee leasing intended for?

This mode of working has gained popularity during the last few years and companies are choosing this form of collaboration more and more often. The market managed to overcome the initial concerns regarding employee outsourcing, such as the issues related to security, the quality of the team members acquired or good relations with the on-site team.

In the course of hundreds of IT projects implemented with the support of delegated external employees, the model of temporary acquisition of niche competences has become entrenched on the worldwide IT market.


When do we usually choose body leasing?

Sudden and unpredictable personal changes within the project
Irrespective of whether a member of our team leaves it or encounters random setbacks, it may turn out that the fate of the project depends on the quick acquisition of a properly qualified employee. The recruitment process itself takes too long (and consumes a lot of funds) and therefore the simplest solution is provided by body leasing, resulting in the quick acquisition of an expert to fill the gap and enable completing the project successfully.  

Lack of niche competences
It may happen that within a project there occurs a need for reinforcing the team quickly with a specialist having skills that the company does not consider necessary to develop and such a need is basically a one-time situation related exclusively to that specific project. Thanks to body leasing, an enterprise does not have to invest in competences that are difficult to obtain on the market and outside of its scope of interest and it can instead focus on its main sphere of activity.

Lack of funds for full-time employment
Impossibility of employing a new specialist due to financial reasons is not only a problem of new business, start-ups and small companies. Even the largest market players are sometimes unable to include an extra employee in their team and to devote a specific amount of time and money to recruitment and onboarding. If a specialist is required quickly and we do not want to be bound by a long-term contract with them, body leasing is going to be a good solution as well.



Advantages of employee leasing

We already know the definition, we know when body leasing is the most beneficial... Time to focus on the advantages of this form of collaboration. What can we expect when starting collaboration in the form of employee leasing?

First of all - savings. We “cut” the costs of multi-stage recruitment and candidate screening and relieve our company of the staffing obligations and related costs of employment, insurance, etc. We do not enter into a permanent relationship with an employee and thus we do not have to worry about their future after the project is completed. However, it is worth underlining here that body leasing is, out of principle, a short-term solution intended for the duration of a given implementation.

Next, it is worth mentioning optimisation and flexibility. By omitting the onerous recruitment procedures and focusing exclusively on actions related to the project we can simplify its course and reduce its costs and delays. Obtaining support from external specialists allows us to expect greater flexibility in action, thanks to which we can face even the most unexpected events (such as the above mentioned staffing changes).

Fresh blood and fresh ideas. Let us not forget either that a new team member, unrelated to a given organisation, may introduce a great deal of creativity and new energy to the project, which often contributes to the team’s work energy and development of new ideas which, as the proverb says, were right behind the corner.



Why Programa?

We have described above the matter of body leasing, also known as employee leasing. Programa employs a team of over twenty excellent specialists in the most popular IT technologies such as PHP, JAVA, JS, HTML or C++, who participate in projects implemented for the clients within this specific model. The experience of our experts, gained in tens of implementations of IT projects, provides benefits for our clients.

The team of Programa consists of specialists who are valued on the market and who can support your team in the event of unforeseen personal circumstances, special project requirements or one-time implementations that are unique within the scale of your activity. Thanks to us you do not have to invest in technologies and related specialists if you do not plan further involvement in that field in the future. We are going to reinforce your team, enable finishing the project and provide the best professionals. If necessary, as a Software House we can also provide system maintenance in order to secure the continuity of the project developed.

When working for our client, we do not focus solely on “from-to” activities. We act proactively, doing our best to meet our obligations and suggest further optimisations wherever possible. Find out whether body leasing is a solution tailored to your needs.


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