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According to the newest Hootsuite raport, 49% of the world population uses social media which makes 3.8 billion people. The average daily time spent online is 7 hours, including 2,5 hours in social media. How does it impact the wellbeing and daily functioning of people? 

According to the EUROSTAT 2014 report over 50 000 IT professionals are missing in Poland. The need to educate people who plan their future in IT is huge. We understand that, therefore - in order to put the"brick" into the education of future IT professionals - we decided to conduct expert laboratories within the project "Computer in business" for the students of the University of Information Technology in Warsaw.

At Programa™ we have just started an innovative research consisting of analysis of data of a very particular matter - obtained by such devices as EEG and EyeTracker. 

Wojciech Radomski, Paweł Elbanowski and Marcin Szajek, as co-founders iTraff Technology Sp. z o. o. - start-up based on image recognition, were nominated for "Poles with verve" in the category of Innovation in business.

We have created a new tool to communicate with customers for Meble VOX company. The Katalog Meble VOX 2012 mobile application, which uses image recognition technology from

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