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Case Studies

Paweł Elbanowski, CEO of Programa™, appreciated by Forbes as one of the best entrepreneurs under 30

Paweł Elbanowski: After yesterday’s #Forbes 30 under 30 list celebration I had to sit down and think. Awards help appreciate what one has achieved, but how does it translate into future, how it affects tomorrow? I started writing down anything that came to my mind and I’d like to share it with you.


Today is a good opportunity to share my personal story with you.

In 2007, together with Wojciech Radomski and Marcin Szajek, we founded what today is known as the software house Programa™. We were very young then - we had no experience in supporting business neither a team of experienced developers on board. How difficult is it to enter the market and face the huge competition with their loyal customers without those at hand? Difficult enough. But we had other things - good programming skills, minds open and hungry for knowledge and the willingness to listen. We found inspiration in the people who came before us and their dedication to achieving the same goals we set for ourselves. We invested in our development - workshops, trainings,conferences. But above all, we listened carefully to what our clients say. Sometimes we had to pry into companies’ everyday work. Other times we made our clients leave their comfort zone while pointing out ineffective processes. Yes, it was difficult - both for them and for us.

But all this work paid off.

Today, after 10 years, we are proud that among companies that entrusted us with key elements of their business are Tetley, Tchibo, Lidl, Veolia, T-Mobile and more. We have also founded StethoMe - a startup setting trends in global telemedicine with the most significant awards worldwide.

We would not have gotten here if not for 3 things:

Listen. Work with your heart. Always deliver the best quality.

And today, 10 years after Programa™ was founded, we are proud to anounce that Forbes has placed us on the list  of “Top 30 entrepreneurs under 30”.

It means a lot for me.

It turns out that values I always deemed important actually matter. Not only to me, but they’re relevant and applicable in business as well. Hard work pays off. Listening is crucial to understanding. Helping others is above all.

Thank you.

Paweł Elbanowski
CEO of Programa™ 

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