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Case Studies

PAG Group with a sales management system

Efficient sales management in a dynamically growing company often requires support provided by an IT tool. Such tool has to contain all the sales documents and enable monitoring of their flow. It also has to provide accurate information on what happens with an order starting from its placement and ending with the moment the goods are delivered at the client's door. The solution that we started designing for the PAG Group is exactly like that.


PAG Group takes orders for deliveries of new cars of various brands. Up until now, in order to manage its sales processes, that is, order acceptance, execution and subsequent logistics, the company has been using only standard software similar to Excel. However, the internal processes of the company have been growing together with is development and the above mentioned tools have turned out to no longer be functional enough.

For a longer while we have been making initial attempts at implementing a solution that would make the sales management process easier for us. We wanted all the offers, orders and agreements to be present in a single place, enabling us to maintain high quality of services provided. We needed a partner who would take a closer look out our internal processes and "sort them out". I have known Programa for years. Together, we organised the world's first Hapticathon, where its team proved to be trustworthy. I also knew that Programa collaborated closely with other automotive companies, which only assured me that I should recommend Programa as the company to create a management system for us – says Marta Pawłowska from the sales department of PAG Group.

Next to the above described elements, the tool mentioned above is going to make it possible for the company to, among others, generate cross-sectional sales reports, verify popularity of car brands and study the trends in their sales. The system is also going to receive a notification and commenting module.

We started working together with PAG Group in July and already in October the company is going to start managing its sales process with the use of finished web application. For now, we have carried out a thorough analysis of business processes of the PAG Group. On that basis, we prepared prototypes of a tool thanks to which our client saw how the solutions is going to look and work. We are particularly happy with the reaction of PAG Group to these prototypes – the company recognized the actual value in their preparation. They saw that their processes were reflected 1:1 and realised how the implementation of the solution prepared is going to help them improve these processes. We know that we are going in the right direction – summarises Maja Burdajewicz, project manager.

PAG Group is another client of ours that operates in the automotive industry.

Information on PAG Group
PAG Group takes orders for deliveries of new cars of various brands. The company made its debut on the automotive market in 2013, providing an answer to the growing demand of enterprises for new and attractively priced cars. For many years it has been collaborating with the largest dealer groups in Poland, offering cars from brands such as Volvo, Volkswagen, Skoda, Nissan, Renault, Peugeot, BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Infinity, Ford, Seat, Suzuki and others. Website:

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