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Case Studies

Functional web application for clients of Kreatik interactive agency

A good collaboration of software houses with interactive agencies is based on complete understanding of challenges that their clients bring to them. We are eager to support agencies during implementation of solutions that they design. That is how we worked on an extraordinary web application together with the Kreatik interactive agency.


Creation of applications is a multi-stage process. The team of Kreatik starts working from doing research and conducting workshops with users and stakeholders. Next, there comes the time for mockups and graphic design. We care for our vision and effect of many hours of work and conversations with user to be implemented properly. That is why we always look for a technological partner who is going to understand well the product that we want to create. The team of Programa™ convinced us with its attitude already at the stage of specifications, by suggesting a sensible path to MVP. The implementation took place exactly according to previous arrangements. We are planning to carry out further development of the application together as well, says Maria Połońska, CEO of Kreatik.

We've been collaborating with marketing agencies for over 10 years. Together with DDB & Tribal, VMR, V&P and Adwertajzing we have realised projects for brands such as Tchibo, Tetley, T-Mobile, AVON, Hochland and Duracell. We know what their clients expect of them – complete understanding of needs, quality at 'pixel perfect' level and implementation of the project within the boundaries of both time and budget. We know that the agencies are going to expect exactly the same things from us. That is why we, as their partner that 'handles programming', deliver these elements within the framework of the internal team, says Magdalena Nowak, project manager in Programa™.

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Information on Kreatik:

An interactive agency from Poznań that creates strategies and applications that support the business and sales of its clients. Kreatik builds web and mobile applications and websites and creates product and communication strategies. It is also responsible for implementing its projects and for marketing activities that support sales.Webiste:


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