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Case Studies

The iconic Brovaria: now with a modern website

"We need a visually perfect website thanks to which our Guests will be able to become familiar with our wide-ranging offer, book a table at the restaurant and a room at the hotel quickly and learn how our beer brewing process looks like, all of it in a clear and intelligible manner". That was the task that Brovaria from Poznań entrusted us with. We created for it a new website from the very basics, taking into account its individual needs and reflecting the unique atmosphere of its historical interior.

A website where you buy a voucher, book a room and pay for it online

Brovaria – the first restaurant-brewery in Poznań - assumed that the new website would be a tool used for both comprehensive presentation of its services and support of its sales. The scope of the project was extensive – next to designing mockups for the website we were also supposed to implement an original system for selling vouchers (generating, among others, a printable accounting note regarding a transfer that was made) and connect the finished website with the tpay payment system and a hotel room booking plug-in. We commenced preparatory works at the end of Q3 of 2016. We have realised a similar project for Rajsko Castle, where we have designed and implemented a new website with an intuitive, online reservation system.


brovaria voucher gift


For many people, Brovaria is an iconic spot. Citizens of Poznań and tourists alike look for a respite here and want to relax while having a good beer and lunch. We wanted for the new website to reflect well the atmosphere of this place, which combines modern services with old town architecture harmoniously. Programa™ immediately understood the atmosphere of Brovaria and understood those needs, which resulted in a functional, intuitive and aesthetically pleasing website, says Alicja Dybkowska, head of marketing at Brovaria.

Understanding the needs of the client is the basis of every project. In order for the both sides to be fully convinced with regard to the objective and results of collaboration, we meet together, talk and ask about the details. It was exactly these principles that we adopted for implementing the project for Brovaria. On the basis of talks we prepared functional mockups which made it easier to visualise how the final website was going to work. Thanks to that, our client does not buy a pig in a poke, summarises Maja Burdajewicz, project manager in Programa™. Preparing prototypes is one of the main stages in the successful implementation of IT projects.

Content Management System (CMS) for efficient website management

In order to make website administration easier, we prepared an original CMS system for Brovaria. It enables not only editing the text and graphics of all the website elements, but also obtaining information on voucher purchases.

The website's administration panel is intuitive and very easy to handle. We didn't need any trainings to know how to use it, adds Alicja Dybkowska.

The website is fully responsive.

 Discover Brovaria

Information on Brovaria

Brovaria was established in 2004 as the first restaurant-brewery in Poznań. Inside its unique, historical interior one can taste freshly brewed beer and fusion cuisine meals prepared by the best chefs. It also features a hotel, the roomy spaces of which combine the charming atmosphere of an old town tenement with modern equipment. Website:


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