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7 reasons why you should choose a software house from Poland to develop your web solution

The outsourcing of IT services is growing strong. According to a report of Deloitte, in 2017 this market is going to grow by at least 12% in comparison to the previous year. Why do more and more companies decide to entrust creation of software to external entities?

There are many reasons, but the main ones are about the gains within the scope of:

Source: Global outsourcing survey 2016:


In other words, outsourcing is a chance for the companies to apply in their everyday work the leading technologies, to introduce innovations to the market quicker and to take advantage of the knowledge that external programmers bring into the enterprise within the framework of collaboration. And all of it for an attractive price.

So, where should you look for a good software house for software outsourcing and why in Poland?

1. Polish developers are among the best in the world

The facts speak for themselves – Polish developers took the 3rd place in the HackerRank ranking that examines, among others, skills of developers. They also receive high notes in foreign contests related to programming, such as Google Code Jam, Microsoft Imagine Cup, Central Europe Regional Contest or ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest.

Polish developers attach great weight to the code they produce and employ cutting-edge technologies. That is why software houses from Poland can boast of an extensive portfolio that includes also projects implemented for global brands.

2. Polish developers work for advantageous rates...

...and this does not result in any case in low code quality. It is simple mathematics.

Source: European countries by monthly average wage, Wikipedia


The average monthly remuneration in Poland is 752 EUR, while in UK, for example, it's 2102 EUR. Because of these differences, finished web solution of a specific quality, prepared within a specific time, will cost a lot less in case of collaboration with a Polish software house when compared to collaboration with the majority of other software suppliers from Europe.

3. Polish developers know English language perfectly

Knowledge of English language in Poland is a lot like having a category B driver's licence – it's one of the basic skills. Polish schools and, increasingly often, also kindergartens focus on teaching it to a great extent. English language is polished at all levels of education (it is obligatory at IT studies), as well as after completing it. Employers invest in employees by sending them to additional courses and trainings. Additionally, Polish people work abroad increasingly often and travel a lot, thanks to which they use the language in practice. This is why we know English so well, in spite of it not being an official language in Poland. This is confirmed by the report of EF - in the largest global English language knowledge ranking that includes 72 countries, Poland achieved a high 9th rank in Europe and 10th in the world.

The conclusion? You will have no trouble communicating with a Polish software house.


4. Polish developers are within arm's reach

Do you want to talk on the phone/Skype with a Polish software house? There is a 9-hour difference between Los Angeles and Warsaw. Finding time to talk is not a problem, even when collaborating with companies from the USA.

Or maybe you want to meet face to face? Just tell when. There is a couple of planes flying from Poland to London, Berlin, Paris and many other places every day. Additionally, many software houses have offices in different European (and not only) cities, so talking face to face is also easy to arrange.

5. Polish developers love ambitious projects from foreign customers

An ambitious project is a challenge and accepting one means development. Furthermore, investing in development entails gaining knowledge, experience and prestige (as well as satisfaction from a task well done in the form of attractive remuneration). IT industry in Poland is an employee's market – it is often that a software house has to guarantee work on international projects in order to hire an employee. Polish developers like challenges, implement difficult and non-standard projects – such that make programmers from other countries often spread their arms helplessly. Persistence is our national characteristic, thanks to which we rank 3rd in the HackerRank in the "countries that never give up" category.

6. Polish developers build relationships that last, even when working remotely

In the remote work model bases on Agile methodology, a team of developers spends a whole lot of time with you. Enough to develop appropriate rules of collaboration, communication channels and ways of solving problems that may arise. The notion of outsourcing in the IT industry goes beyond classic creation of software within specific time and budget constraints. There is a focus on cooperation – on both sides.

What helps here is the familiarity with project management tools such as Wrike or Basecamp. Thanks to them you know exactly what is going on in a given moment and where the project is heading. Polish developers know these tools very well, because they use them in their everyday work.

7. Polish software houses are bound by regulations of the European Union

Since 2004, Poland has been a member of the European Union, which means that Polish law has been adjusted to the EU requirements. We respect the principles of the European Community legal system functioning – primacy of the EU law over the national law, efficiency, uniformity, validity, etc. We are going to establish the framework of our collaboration with you on the basis of these regulations.



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