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Case Studies

Medicus Bonus focuses on communication. The outpatient clinics are going to implement a medical service search platform

An accurate piece of medical advice, the right choice of treatment and quick recuperation – this is what we expect from the doctor to whom we entrust care over our health. And even though sometimes making the right diagnosis requires an additional consultation with a specialist, which mean an extra visit, the patient can feel taken care of during this process. This is how it is soon going to look in many medical establishments in Greater Poland region, those that are going to implement an innovative platform for cooperation of physicians within the scope of patient treatment.

Private clinics with innovative software solutions dedicated to the healthcare industry

For a longer while we have been planning to create an interactive business and social platform combining a network of private health care facilities. We dreamed of a collective network of independent private medical entities collaborating with one another. The project assumptions were ambitious and therefore we were looking for a partner who would understand us, share our enthusiasm and with whom we could find a common language. With Programa™ everything was working like a charm from the very beginning. Surely, this was helped by their previous experience in collaborating with the medical industry, says Przemysław Pater, a proxy of Medicus Bonus

We started the first works with the onset of holidays. We researched the needs of Medicus Bonus thoroughly in order to be able to offer them a functional tool. We made it – the platform prototype was accepted practically from the get-go, after introduction of some very minor changes. We plan on implementing the first part of the system – the recommendation module – in the middle of September, says Magdalena Nowak, Project Manager in Programa™.

Investing in innovation for the benefit of the patient, physician and medical facility

Both the patient and the doctor are going to benefit from implementation of this platform. The patient is going to receive an opportunity to continue treatment in a facility collaborating with specialists who have the appropriate competences for supporting the patient in recuperation. Meanwhile, for the doctor, it provides, among others, an opportunity for increasing the patient service standards and a chance to tighten the relationships within the community of medical professionals.

Our ideas for development of that platform do not end on implementing the recommendation module only. With time, we are going to provide physicians with e-learning trainings and create a place used for community building and exchanging experiences. We invest in technology in order for all of us to be able to provide services at an even higher level. We are definitely going to develop this tool in collaboration with Programa™ - we understand each other perfectly, which is very valuable and provides a sense of comfort, adds Przemysław Pater.

Information about Medicus Bonus

One of the most modern private medical facilities offering outpatient and inpatient treatment in Greater Poland region. It admits patients at 5 specialist facilities and at the hospital ward in Środa Wielkopolska.


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