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When should you decide to buy custom software? It’s something that will make your everyday work easier, but it’s pretty normal to have doubts before settling on this kind of decision. Luckily, there are tools that let you estimate the costs of an IT system and the risk of your investment.

Websites and mobile applications affect us in many ways. Using psychological mechanisms allows the designers to make an impression on the user or persuade them to take proper action. Both in marketing and user experience design, cognitive biases are often used. The halo effect is one of the most interesting phenomena. When it comes to digital design, aesthetic-usability effect seems to be its counterpart. How can you use it in favour of your digital product?


The work at a company is supposed to go quickly and smoothly and the processes should be optimised and automated. That is the fundamental purpose of implementing a company management system. A few years ago, MEDITERRANEUM, a tour operator company, made a decision to enhance their everyday work by means of a comprehensive web application and today they come back to us with an idea for its further development.

An accurate piece of medical advice, the right choice of treatment and quick recuperation – this is what we expect from the doctor to whom we entrust care over our health. And even though sometimes making the right diagnosis requires an additional consultation with a specialist, which mean an extra visit, the patient can feel taken care of during this process. This is how it is soon going to look in many medical establishments in Greater Poland region, those that are going to implement an innovative platform for cooperation of physicians within the scope of patient treatment.

You are preparing to implement a software solution in your company. You believe that implementing it is going to allow automation and optimization of internal processes, leading to increased efficiency of performance of everyday tasks. You want the company to grow stably thanks to that solution. See the 8 most important elements you should pay attention to when implementing a new software tool in the company.

We travel more and more willingly - according to Eurostat data from 2015, travel expenses have increased by almost EUR 15,000,000 over the last 5 years. Companies from the tourism industry take advantage from this boom to attract new visitors. They invest in technology, upgrading their websites and implementing booking software, based on the services of and Airbnb. One of the spots that focus on dynamic development is Rajsko Castle.


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