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MEDITERRANEUM Tour Operator invests in development of the tour management system

The work at a company is supposed to go quickly and smoothly and the processes should be optimised and automated. That is the fundamental purpose of implementing a company management system. A few years ago, MEDITERRANEUM, a tour operator company, made a decision to enhance their everyday work by means of a comprehensive web application and today they come back to us with an idea for its further development.

New features in tour and travel management system

"Receiving multiple orders and settling them afterwards, managing buses and flights, and booking of accommodation and services for groups and individual tourists are complex tasks that we handle on everyday basis.  All the processes that constitute our work have been covered by the system the development of which we had entrusted to Programa™ a few years ago. We are now investing in its development since we know that it is going to translate into an even better organisation of tours and higher satisfaction of our clients," says Rafał Karkosz, CEO of MEDITERRANEUM.

One of the most important novelties are going to be the possibility to book a specific product from the tour and arrival offer at the website and to make online payments. All of the data entered by a client are going to be stored automatically in the internal system. Additionally, the bookings are going to be integrated with the payment system, which is going to accelerate the whole process and make it easier for the customer to pay for a given event. The communication between the system and the website is going to take place via the API that we designed.

"We have known the challenges faced by MEDITERRANEUM since 2010, when we were modelling their business processes and building system prototypes. What we created back then was a multimodular platform enabling management of all the key elements of the tours organised - starting with building of particular trip programs, through accommodation booking and the issue of insurances, and ending with administration of the tour leader database. Since then, we have executed a couple of further projects for MEDITERRANEUM that provided this company with measurable value. Now we are focusing on supporting their further development by reflecting the new processes in the system," summarises Paweł Elbanowski, CEO of Programa™.

mediterraneum tour operator - trips to italy

For almost 30 years, the specialty of MEDITERRANEUM TOUR OPERATOR are trips to Italy, photo:

MEDITERRANEUM TOUR OPERATOR focuses on development

Support for the growth of the MEDITERRANEUM TOUR OPERATOR is multidimensional – it includes implementing new features, integration with multiple systems and constant adjustment of the system to the most recent security requirements and hazards that appear online. The investment in improvement of the company management system is an element of the general development strategy of MEDITERRANEUM, which is also combined with the launch of multiple new sales channels, among other things.

"We are aware that the development of such a complex system is a challenge that requires professional knowledge. Choosing Programa™ for dealing with this task was a natural course of events – they developed this platform, designed the API connecting it to our partners' systems and configured it according to our expectations. We are certain that we are going to receive a great deal of value this time as well," Rafał Karkosz adds.


A Tour Operator that has been present on the market since 1991. It offers round tours, semi-round tours, pilgrim tours and summer camps on the territory of Poland and Europe. Additionally, the company offers also customised tours adjusted to the client's wishes. For the last 27 years, MEDITERRANEUM has specialised in particular in tours to Italy. The most recent addition to the company's offer is inbound tourism to Poland and Europe. Website:


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