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Programa Way

Programa™ has a new development strategy. Maria Zagożdżon has become the new head of the company

To companies, the end of each year is the time for summaries, planning and rest after many months of work. In our case, the late 2017 and early 2018 were marked by preparations for changes. At the beginning of January we started working on the new company development strategy. It is going to be implemented by Maria Zagożdżon, who took the position of CEO of Programa™ .

We entered 2018 with the greatest successes ever accomplished in the history of Programa™ - with a funnel full of projects and the number of maintenance agreements that provides for a stable growth. We have also concluded the talks with investors, which have opened new business prospects to us. We want to take advantage of this opportunity in order to implement a new development strategy that is going to allow us to support our current clients even more efficiently, as well as to strengthen our position as a technological partner for large enterprises that employ complex processes. The vision of investors is going to be implemented by Maria Zagożdżon, who has been handling development of IT companies for over 8 years, including areas such as increasing sales, building long-term relationships with clients and managing complex projects. Maria has been involved in development of Programa™ since 2016.

"I consider the opportunity to set the development directions in Programa™, a software house with over 10 years of history, a solid competence, personal and technical base and some really major brands included in its portfolio, a very developing and responsible task. I believe that my experience in the IT branch is going to serve me well in my work on redefining the company strategy and implementing it afterwards. I intend to spend the next few months on cementing our relationships with current corporate clients, expanding the team and reinforcing the image of Programa™ as a partner in automation and optimisation of processes in enterprises," says Maria Zagożdżon.

Paweł Elbanowski, the previous CEO of Programa™, is going to remain a management board member. At the beginning of March he is going to become involved in the development of the StethoMe™ - the technological startup, which Programa™ has invested in. He is going to take the position of Chief Operating Officer there.

"The objectives that I set for myself as the CEO of Programa™ have all been achieved. I am handing over the steering wheel to Maria with a sense of a job well done. I am certain that I am handing the company over into good hands – I have already experienced Maria's agency on multiple occasions during our previous collaboration. I remain a management board member of Programa™ and I am going to support Maria in achievement of further goals," Paweł Elbanowski adds.

Programa™ in a nutshell:

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