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Case Studies

Multi-Form with interactive door configuration tool

Arranging one's own house or flat is to many people the fulfilment of dreams of a cosy space adjusted to individual needs. This process entails scanning through catalogues of interior equipment producers and numerous visits to salons. Here is where we can be supported by technology in the form of an interactive configuration tool, thanks to which, using the elements available, we can design a unique door, for example, and have a look at the visualisation of our idea prior to making a purchase. We are working on a similar solution for Multi-Form.

Door configuration tool – an interactive tool for the seller and for the customer

Interactive configuration tools help customers create a product from various elements. The principle behind their functioning is very simple – in order to create a piece of interior equipment on one's own it is enough to pick a model, choose a colour and select some accessories. Configuration tools fit into the currently popular customisation trend, allowing to create a unique specimen perfectly fitted to our needs.

"For many years we have accompanied our customers in arranging the homes of their dreams. We know how important it is to them to be able to choose elements adjusted to their needs and to see how a given product is going to look in the end. In order to meet the needs of our customers, we are soon going to provide them with a door configuration tool, thanks to which they will be able to create a perfect product all on their own. We are also going to support the employees of our brick and mortar salons in providing a complete presentation of our offer," says Justyna Skrzypnik, responsible for online marketing at Multi-Form.

The access to the interactive door configuration tool will be also provided at Multi-Form's website, as well as in their brick and mortar salons, where a specialist will be taking the customers through the configuration process. The result thereof is going to be a document including door visualisation and specification, providing a basis for preparation of an offer at the salon. The configuration tool is going to include the offer of Persecto – a private label brand of Multi-Form.

The preparation works for the project were started at the end of 2017 and we plan on handing over the finished configuration tool to Multi-Form in April 2018.

Customisation based on advanced combinatorics

In view of the many dependencies between the door elements and the necessity to define them accurately, we devoted the whole December to the stage of collection of requirements.

"An experienced seller at a store knows that a given door model does not go well with door handles with long plates or that the door width chosen is not compatible with specific bathroom ventilation elements. We had to implement in the configuration tool the complex knowledge on the elements that can be combined together, which is something that usually stays in the minds of specialists," says Magdalena Nowak, project manager at Programa™.

Multi-Form interactive door configurator

In order to ensure correct functioning of the tool, we designed a special configuration file. It allowed transferring in a systematic manner all the data regarding dependencies between elements and implementing this logic into the configuration tool.

"As for the technical part of the configuration tool, we have made two assumptions. On one hand, we cared about accurate visualisation of products so that both a customer and a salon employee could create door out of elements that look exactly like they do in reality. One the other, we wanted to be completely certain that the dreams of our customers are feasible. In other words, we wanted to be sure that any door created by means of the configuration tool can be manufactured. We entrusted the implementation of these assumptions to Programa™ – we were convinced by their experience in creation of similar solutions – adds Justyna Skrzypnik.

About Multi-Form:

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