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Case Studies

All Volkswagen showrooms now feature a functional Offer Generator

Simple, intuitive car configuration and generation of a customised offer for the Client within a few moments – this is how the dealers of Volkswagen Passenger Car brand are now working thanks to the Offer Generator web application that we developed. The up-to-date and correct offer configuration is provided by advanced combinatorics and integration of the global group's key systems within the framework of the Offer Generator. How does this functional tool work and which processes does it improve?

The Offer Generator supports the sales process at Volkswagen Passenger Car brand

"In Volkswagen Group Polska we strive to be the best automotive group in Poland. It is a mission that we pursue, among others, by providing our Clients with technologically advanced products and services, as well as the highest quality service thanks to modern and efficient sales organisation. The functional Offer Generator fits into our development strategy, allowing the dealers to carry out quick and correct car configuration and to prepare a complete, coherent and aesthetically pleasing offer for every Client of our brand," says Anna Chodor, Customer Relationship Manager in the Passenger Car brand of Volkswagen Group Polska.

Offer Generator is a web application dedicated to the vendors of the dealer network of Volkswagen's Passenger Car brand, making it possible to prepare a customised car sale offer. It contains complete car configuration specifications, including demonstrative photos, as well as specifications of selected accessories, additional products and services ­- such as maintenance service packages or insurance - and the scope of rebates granted for the car.

Volkswagen Offer Generator

Volkswagen passenger car configuration in the Offer Generator

"What is important to us is the coherence of communication and the convenience of clients, and that is why we made sure that the passenger cars of the Volkswagen brand can be configured using the Offer Generator at all the showrooms in Poland," adds Anna Chodor.

The Offer Generator is now the main tool used by dealers working with potential and returning clients, both individual and fleet ones. It is a single system that integrates multiple sales supporting tools that Volkswagen has been using.

Simple configuration of Volkswagen passenger cars

Configuration of the car from the level of the Offer Generator is very simple – it is enough to walk through all the steps available in the tool. The configuration process was modelled in close collaboration between the analyst teams of Volkswagen Group Polska and Programa™ and, when simplified, it looks as follows:

 Configuration process

"Whether a given car can be manufactured is verified by the system that takes advantage of external advanced combinatorics. It is tested at each step of car configuration. Thus, the order of steps during car creation is strictly established and it is impossible to omit any of them. Thanks to that, we can be certain that we are going to receive exactly the car we dreamed of and built in the Offer Generator," says Maja Burdajewicz, project manager in Programa™.

The configuration process is carried out from the level of a dedicated configuration tool built into the Offer Generator, the database of which (photos, descriptions, translations, combinatorics, current prices) is supplied in real time with actual data imported from other systems employed by Volkswagen Passenger Car brand, and databases, applications and internal files required for that purpose. In order to develop the combinatorics, we studied in detail all the connections between those systems.

"Volkswagen Passenger Car brand employs multiple tools that support the sales process, car configuration and customer service. In order to provide the dealers with a functional application that encompasses all these processes, we integrated their systems, that is, we combined the data coming from various sources and made them available in the Offer Generator," Maja Burdajewicz adds.

Volkswagen Offer Generator

Preview of interior of a car configured in the Offer Generator

Further projects for Volkswagen Group Polska implemented by Programa™

The works on the application were started in November 2016 and took a whole year. Starting from November 2017, every showroom in Poland has been configuring cars using the Offer Generator.

"We have been working on the Offer Generator in close collaboration with the team of Volkswagen Group Polska, thanks to which we provided exactly the kind of application that they needed, and on time. We were presenting and discussing the progress of works during weekly meetings where we coordinated jointly the next objectives and tasks," summarises Maja Burdajewicz.


Volkswagen Offer Generator - generation created by Programa

An example of an offer created in the Offer Generator

The project concluded with comprehensive trainings for the dealer network that were conducted throughout Poland. However, this is only the beginning of a long-term collaboration between Volkswagen Group Polska and Programa™.

"The internal works on the Offer Generator concept made us sure that we need support of a really experienced team capable of developing advanced combinatorics and integrating the application with multiple systems. When we decided to collaborate with Programa™, we knew that they have already implemented many complex projects, which made it easier to build trust and sense of security. The team of Programa™ has been supporting us substantively at each stage of the project, providing excellent solutions thanks to which we were able to optimise and automate our process even better. They are professional and timely – all of the tasks were executed on schedule. We trust them completely and we want to continue this collaboration," Anna Chodor sums up.

We are currently working on further projects for  Volkswagen Group Polska, as well as for other brands belonging to the Group.


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