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Case Studies

Audi now has an original online store for selling accessories and lifestyle products

A convenient selection from among the many original accessories and lifestyle products from the Audi collection and the possibility of collecting the purchases at any dealer's location – this is how shopping looks in the Audi online store that we have designed. It is an original, dedicated sales platform, the functions of which correspond to the specific shopping process that takes place in the online store of Audi. We have also automated some of the processes that were previously done manually.

Sales platform tailored to the individual needs of Audi

What does the uniqueness of the purchasing process in the Audi online store consist in? In contrast to ready-made solutions available on the market, the payments are made between the customer and many different vendors - dealers. Such an approach towards the sale of accessories and lifestyle articles required creating a non-standard store reflecting the way in which Audi operates.

"Being the world's leading manufacturer of premium cars, we wanted to provide our Clients and Dealers with a sales platform consistent with the spirit of the four rings – modern, intuitive and functional. We wanted to make it possible for the Clients who make their purchase in a few simple steps to collect their order efficiently from any Dealer of their choosing. All of this to make sure that the whole process is quick and as convenient to both parties as possible," says Adam Simon, Audi Aftersales Director at Volkswagen Group Polska.

 Audi sales platform developed by Programa software house


Next to the necessity of adjusting Audi's online store to an extraordinary sales process, there were also other significant arguments in favour of choosing a dedicated solution.

"Standard online stores have a lot of functions that can be expanded. But adjustment, updating and maintenance of these functions is time-consuming and costly. By implementing only those that are truly useful, we can optimise the store with regard to both efficiency and costs, as well as increase its security," says Mirella Pryber, Project Manager at Programa™.

 audi online store made by Programa software house


Online store automation

The correctness of information presented at the online store of Audi is assured by means of everyday automated data updating. To that end, the store has been integrated with an internal system for warehouse and product price management.

Audi online shop designed by Programa software house

"Previously, in order to update any information about the products available at the online store, the representatives of Audi were preparing the most recent file versions and sending them for manual entering. This process was time consuming and simply ineffective. In order to automate and optimise it, we integrated ourselves with their internal systems, which enabled automatic daily updates of both prices and stock levels," says Wojciech Jasiński, Team Leader at Programa™.

Online store management – what can an importer, a dealer and a client do?

The functions of the online store are used by three groups of users: the administrator-importer, dealers interested in selling accessories via the platform, and clients looking for products. We have analysed the scope of authorisations that the individual groups should receive and reflected them in the management panel.

"We have prepared a management panel, the functions of which differ depending on a given group of users. For example, the administration panel that enables, among others, managing products and categories, as well as doing a complete analysis of all the sales data, can be accessed only by the employees of Volkswagen Group Polska. On the other hand, dealer may verify the list of orders executed at the store, manage their status and add comments to them, as well as view the detailed sales reports of their showroom. Meanwhile, clients have complete knowledge regarding the orders they placed," says Mirella Pryber.

Sales report in Audi online shop made by Programa

The differentiation of the authorisation levels makes it possible for every group to receive directly a complete set of information of their interest, while at the same time ensuring that the data is secure and available only to verified people.

Discover the world full of the highest quality convenient lifestyle accessories

We started working on the online store in the middle of November last year by preparing a graphic design that was fully consistent with Audi's corporate identity (CI). A simplified interface, a new design of the platform, and its complete responsiveness were among the main assumptions of the project. In order to make shopping easier, we integrated the online store with the PayU online payment system.

Audi accessories avalaible in online shop implemented by Programa

"Programa™ approached the implementation of this project comprehensively. It analysed our specific processes and needs with great precision in order to offer us a solution that was fitted best to our expectations. And the result? A modern and secure sales platform that makes it possible for the clients to purchase their favourite Audi accessories and lifestyle products conveniently, while at the same time supporting us and the Dealers in managing the sales process," summarises Adam Simon.

The sales platform enables making purchases from over 30 dealers of Audi.

About Audi:

The Audi Group is the world's leading manufacturer of premium cars. The brand's philosophy is included in the "Advantage through Technology" slogan, and its history is linked inseparably with history of the whole automotive industry. Today, the four rings are more than just a symbol of the technological advantage Audi has over other car brands. It is a symbol of prestige, as evidenced by the brand's position on the market, numerous industry awards and successes in motor sports. The Audi brand is the property of the Volkswagen Group Polska automotive group.



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