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A convenient selection from among the many original accessories and lifestyle products from the Audi collection and the possibility of collecting the purchases at any dealer's location – this is how shopping looks in the Audi online store that we have designed. It is an original, dedicated sales platform, the functions of which correspond to the specific shopping process that takes place in the online store of Audi. We have also automated some of the processes that were previously done manually.

"We need a visually perfect website thanks to which our Guests will be able to become familiar with our wide-ranging offer, book a table at the restaurant and a room at the hotel quickly and learn how our beer brewing process looks like, all of it in a clear and intelligible manner". That was the task that Brovaria from Poznań entrusted us with. We created for it a new website from the very basics, taking into account its individual needs and reflecting the unique atmosphere of its historical interior.

We travel more and more willingly - according to Eurostat data from 2015, travel expenses have increased by almost EUR 15,000,000 over the last 5 years. Companies from the tourism industry take advantage from this boom to attract new visitors. They invest in technology, upgrading their websites and implementing booking software, based on the services of and Airbnb. One of the spots that focus on dynamic development is Rajsko Castle.


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