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web app

The moment when a painstakingly crafted application starts its public life is a major event. After months of work, the final product finally sees the daylight and is ready to perform its role. But... what comes next? One might think that it is the moment when the collaboration with a software house ends. But that would be very far from the truth.

The most important task within the project was to work out the combinatorics properly. In order to be sure that the door designed using the web app tool can be manufactured, it was necessary to analyse thoroughly the process tree and elaborate on that basis a file that would describe the combinations possible.

You have an idea for a web application, you can imagine how it is supposed to look and work and you "only" need to find a trustworthy partner to turn your vision into a functional tool. So, you verify the competences and experience of various software houses and once you have chosen your favourites, you ask them to provide a price estimate for your project. And here the things get tough.

The outsourcing of IT services is growing strong. According to a report of Deloitte, in 2017 this market is going to grow by at least 12% in comparison to the previous year. Why do more and more companies decide to entrust creation of software to external entities?

A good collaboration of software houses with interactive agencies is based on complete understanding of challenges that their clients bring to them. We are eager to support agencies during implementation of solutions that they design. That is how we worked on an extraordinary web application together with the Kreatik interactive agency.

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